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There is a lot that you can do to help yourself. These sections take you through exercises that will help you address a variety of issues you may be experiencing. We suggest that you work through these in order but there may be ones that feel more important to you and you want to start addressing first. We would encourage you to look at all sections even if you feel confident in them as you may still find them helpful.

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Watch our video of a man arrested for downloading indecent images of children. The man explains how calling our Stop It Now! helpline gave him the advice and support he needed to stop looking at sexual images of children online. 

Understanding WhyUnderstanding Why

Gain understanding of:

  • your current online sexual behaviours
  • how your sexual behaviour progressed into offending behaviour and your motivations for this
  • patterns and trends with your current use of internet pornography and illegal images.

Problem of Immediate Gratification

  • Explore and gain understanding of why immediate gratification is so powerful
  • Explore ways to counter the power of immediate gratification

Problem of immediate gratification and triggersTriggers

  • Explore and gain understanding of the different types of triggers
  • Explore your own triggers

Taking ResponsibilityTaking Responsibility

Explore and gain understanding of:

  • your level of control over your current online sexual behaviours
  • how you have used denial to allow your problematic behaviour to continue
  • how to make immediate changes

Images Are ChildrenImages Are Children

  • Explore and gain understanding of false justifications offenders use to avoid responsibility for their actions
  • Understand that these images are of real children being abused and the effects that being photographed can have on these children


  • Raise awareness of your current sexual and non-sexual fantasies
  • Recognise and reflect on the link between your fantasies and your online behaviour


Explore and gain understanding of:

  • the difference between addiction and compulsion
  • what role addiction played in your on-line behaviour
  • how you can start to address your addictions

Problematic collectingProblematic Collecting

Explore and gain understanding of:

  • why you collect and how this links to your offending
  • the relationship between collecting and unsatisfactory aspects of your life

Online RelationshipsOnline Relationships

Explore and gain understanding of:

  • the relationship between your online and offline social lives
  • how the Internet can be used as a social outlet in your life
  • problematic online relationships.

Dealing with feelingsRecognising and Dealing with Feelings

Explore and gain an understanding of:

  • how your emotions influence your thinking and behaviour
  • the differences between positive and negative thinking
  • how to challenge your negative thoughts and manage negative feelings
  • how you cope with difficult emotions e.g. anger.

Opening Up to Others

  • Help you express your feelings
  • Help you to feel able to talk to people who are important to you


  • Help you to feel able to disclose your offending or your arrest to people who are important to you.

Self Esteem and Assertiveness

Explore and gain an understanding of:

  • how to become more assertive
  • what self-esteem is and how to increase it

Problem solvingProblem Solving

Explore and gain an understanding of:

  • the benefits of  problem solving and how it can be applied 
  • ways to avoid acting on impulse.


  • Explore and gain understanding of Self-talk


Relapse PreventionRelapse Prevention

  • Help you to stop falling back into bad old habits
  • Keep you moving forward positively in life

Building a good lifeBuilding a Good Life

  • Help you build a fulfilling life



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